Why your brand needs Parallax

All brands have a common aim – a shoe brand and a shipwreck company offer different products or services but their agenda is the same: ‘sell and save the most‘.

The question is how?
How can a brand be most effective online?

It’s simple: a brand gives the right information and services to the right person. As a result, they get the right consumer.
But, just pasting the information about your product or service doesn’t really work.

Some brands make a high-end website that a takes a visitor an hour to open. Others fill their pages with so much information on a single screen, the visitor doesn’t know where to look.

Okay, boy!
Give me the solution.
How can I tell people about my product or service?

I’m happy you asked!

Our honest intentions behind this short blog were to share a little idea about why we think Parallax is so important for someone who is interested in making a minimal microsite for any brand, product or services.

The term “parallax” first came from the visual effect of 2D video games, where the background moved at a slower speed than the foreground, to give an illusion of depth in a scene.


Taking forward the design we used in Techstory, we took two wildly different products as examples and focused on how each of them could tell their stories through a parallax style website just like Techstory.

The question that needed to be asked was – what’s their story? When we created our microsite, we told the story of the evolution of technology. But when it comes to a brand, the story can be quite different.

With these two brands, we first focused on the product we wanted to showcase. We took the (potential) microsite to another level by allowing users to interact with the product directly. From being able to rotate it 360 degrees, to being able to see what it looks like in a variety of colours, visitors would immediately be able to ‘play’ with the product and thus with the site. Now that we have their interest we are ready to tell them the story of the product – what inspired it? How is it created? What are its special features, and where can you buy one? From the introduction, to the specifications, to the contact information. Thanks to parallax everything about our product sits happily on one page.


So let’s recap. Why should you be using minimal parallax to promote your brand? Well, because:

It gets straight to the point with minimal content.
It’s interactive.
It doesn’t take long to load.
It is easy for the user to navigate.
It is not very complex to create.
It saves time and resources.
It looks beautiful.

With all this in mind why wouldn’t you want a minimal parallax website for your brand, product or service? If you need to know more, you can always reach out to the ants!



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