Why blog?

I’ve started blogs. I’ve abandoned blogs. 
Some still haunt me in web searches. 
Others embarrass me when people hit ‘I’m feeling lucky’ on Google.

This one is different. 
Over a year ago, I started a tiny ‘Media-Tech’ consultancy firm, which I named ‘BlueAnt Digital Intelligence‘ after being inspired by Hubertus Bigend in William Gibson’s last trilogy.
I launched a website for the firm, logo and all. As time went by I updated it, added projects and client logos. It looked great and worked well.

BlueAnt Digital Intelligence
But there was no space to express exactly what went into each project, as and when the projects developed, their objectives changed and new things emerged.

This blog is intended to do exactly that.
Share experience and learnings in the space where technology and media bleed into each other in the Indian market.

Why does this blog URL say blag?
Because of this: http://xkcd.com/148/



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