What are you up to this time, Facebook?

For a while now there have been some rumors of Facebook launching a new timeline design.  But a few experiences we’ve had in the past week suggest that whatever is being launched, it’s more than just a simple redesign. We noticed three strange things on Facebook in the last two weeks:

Push Notifications on the Facebook app:  Last week, our iOS device got pinged with, ‘Share Something on Your Page. Updates should be conversational and friendly’ (This is paraphrased). It was the first time we’ve seen FB pursue us to make our page more active than it already is. The only problem was that we got pinged at about 2:30am on a Wednesday night. We’ve received no pings since.

Page and event invitations: We haven’t seen any other people talking about it, but page and event invitations seem to be getting delayed. That is, if you make a new page or event, and ‘invite’ people from your friend list, a lot of either don’t get the request or get it over a period of time. This suggests that FB is staggering the invitation. But their reason for doing so isn’t quite clear.

Page Admin Dashboard changes:  For one day alone, yesterday, the page admin dashboard on Facebook was showing the analytics of posts, instead of the usual comments and notifications. The upper left side of the dashboard was covered with information that is usually present in the insights part of the dashboard. Since then though, the dashboard appears to have gone back to its usual configuration.

All of this leads us think that Facebook is testing a variety of functions that may or may not link with the supposed ‘new’ timeline.  Given, the growing dependence on advertisement and ‘promote’ function spend to reach out to target audiences and the increase in advertising on the network itself, this feels like intrusive mobile advertising or at least notifications may be on offer soon.

We usually don’t do posts about changes that haven’t been announced yet; spreading hazy information isn’t our thing. We’ve noticed these changes, and we can’t be the only ones.

So, what changes on Facebook have YOU noticed?

We’d love to know what you think of them.



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