W for Woman
Website Design

W for Woman is a women’s clothing brand with over 200 physical stores across India.


W for Woman is a woman’s apparel brand with 300+ physical stores across the globe and e-commerce website.

When W for Woman approached us they wanted to achieve two things through their website design:

  • Relay their brand story to their target audience
  • Push their e-commerce sales.


For W for Woman’s new website we did not make the

e-commerce aspect the highlight of the website. Rather the

focus was on narrating the brand story and the concept of sleek, practical yet stylish everyday Indian wear for the young urban woman.

The first 3 folds were designed to showcase the brand through a lookbook, banners and W’s collections.

We created two web apps that would help in spurring user engagement, increase time spent by the user on the website and convince them to browse more through it.

  • The ‘Create a Look’ app allows users to mix and match W for Woman products to create an ensemble that they could then purchase directly from the site.
  • The ‘Ask a Stylist’ app allows users to interact directly with a W for Woman stylist and ask questions related to fashion, style and pairing different products.



W for Woman’s website now features a clear brand story, as well as information about new products and sales.

W for Woman has an India wide page ranking of 10,257.

The page is optimized for search engines and the percentage of visitors coming to the page from Google search alone is currently 74%.

It’s new design and interactive elements allow the brand to engage more effectively with its target audience – the modern Indian women.



  • 2016


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