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Godrej Hit is a popular insect killer in India. So popular that is comes in variants for different insects. They asked us to redesign their website.


Godrej’s HIT insect killer’s website was very basic with no elements to engage the users and increase their time spent at the website. The website, primary meant for information about the product, attracted very little traffic. They wanted a site that would catch users’ attention through its content and would keep their attention with smart interactive elements and design.

In other words, the challenge was to design a website that would effectively reduce the bounce rate.


We started by creating a banner image that asked users to find all the ‘dangers’ in a seemingly spotless living room.

Subsequent content on the website spoke about how the cleanest of rooms still had some pests in them and how the pests’ hiding places usually go unnoticed. This concept was inspired from HIT ‘kone kone mein danger’ advertising campaign. We felt this would give the campaign a clear web identity as well.

We also designed detailed content about 5 kinds of pests in every home, the dangers they pose, diseases they can cause and which HIT products can be used to rid the home of these pests with a link to purchase the product. The newly developed blog section became a space where current, relevant content could be posted to keep visitors coming back to the site, and making sure new visitors stay on the site.


In the month following its launch, with a little help with search engine advertising, 28,841 users accessed the new HIT website 32,377 times, going through 41,626 pages of content. Visitors spent the maximum amount of time on the tailored and regularly updated content like the blogs and expert advice sections.



  • 2016



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