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Every major industry in India is seeing the benefits of solar energy over conventional energy. Over the years we have seen a number of organizations turn to solar power for their electricity needs. This includes companies big and small, educational institutes and very large scale organizations like airports.

Enerparc is one company that helps these organizations harvest the power of the sun and help them cut their costs and take a positive step to help the environment.

We were thrilled when Enerparc approached us to redesign their Indian website. Their main goal was to use the new brand language we had created and incorporate it into their new website. The catch this time (there is always a catch): We had to finish the project in 6 weeks. Independently, 6 weeks seems a good timeline to work on a brand design language or a website but since the website is supposed to be based on the design language and the development time for the website would take around a month, it meant that the design of the website needed to be done in two weeks.

Their previous Enerparc website was an extension of the parent website with some information about the Indian management and a list of the projects they had worked on (quite literally just a list.). Most of the information on the website was similar to their parent company website and not catered towards the Indian audience. The old website was also not very intuitive and very hard to navigate. It was also not responsive, which, by today’s standards with regards to usage patterns of the target audience and device proliferation, is unacceptable.


The first thing we did was to list down all the types of content the website needed to have and categorize it into pages.

We designed the homepage in order to showcase based on the most important things we wanted a visitor to see – in this case, the most important projects Enerparc India has worked on recently. We also highlighted the services it had to offer. In terms of design, we used a polygon shape, derived from our branding, for image boxes as a recurring pattern to create a common theme.

The project pages were important as we wanted to show the project statistics and major accomplishments while also creating a narrative for each project so they don’t seem like just another wall of text.


Meanwhile, we were working on the brand guidelines simultaneously to save time and incorporate all essential elements of the brand guidelines into the website. This led to constant revisions on the web design in matters of fonts, colors and shapes. Some things looked better in the brand language didn’t look good in the web design and vice versa. This constant tinkering went on till the final handover of the website but the scale of changes had shrunk once the designs started its development phase.

Once we had the website ready we created content for each page and put it up and started testing it. Each day Kant would make a list of design bugs and get them sorted with development team. After more than a week of testing, the website was ready to go live.

Even though there was a time crunch we managed to create a great looking website through tight coordination and teamwork. Enerparc India was happy with the results and we were happy that we had another project under our belt.




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