Process Maps: How we do what we do

Last month, we finally put out a blog post that showed the different branding projects that we’ve been working on. At that point, we didn’t want to only show the work we had done for different clients, we also wanted to talk about how we had done that work.

There are a lot of ways of showing a ‘process’, but none of our initial ideas clicked. A lot of what we do is process ‘oriented’, there is a process that guides us, but the end result comes out of a journey that you take into the client’s organisation and their specific way of thinking. It was that idea of journey that we wanted to take forward. And to show that journey, we decided to use metro maps as inspiration.

The concept was to start the metro-journey from the client, show the various ‘destinations’ or important milestones in the process, create loops out of different feedback cycles with the clients, and split the metro-line in places where the main process breaks into smaller tasks and sub-tasks. You get to see complete metro-movement of your product, from inception to its final delivery.

There were two more reasons: First, we’re often asked about what goes into creating a website, social media campaign, branding or an animation, and we decided to show what ‘really’ goes into these things.

Second, well, we had so much fun making the first graphic, that we decided to create more!

So here goes:

Web Design: How we do it


Social Media: How we do it


Animation: How we do it


Branding: How we do it




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