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Six months later and it’s time for another web-reorganization. We aren’t building a new website (I want to, the others don’t), we’ve had to change the sections on the site. Changing menus in itself is quite mundane. But our recent work just stopped fitting into the older categories. Before you get bored, let me tell you what happened.

BlueAnt Digital started off as a social media agency. We knew what had to be shared, when, where and how to help our clients (and their products and services) connect to their target audiences. While knowing these things are essential,  we soon realized that ‘sharing’ depended on ‘what’ was being shared. A sloppily written piece, no matter how well shared, will not be as popular as a sharply written post. A video, boosted by firm facebook advertising, will ultimately connect to viewers (and rake up number of views) only if it can convey whatever message was intended for it. We realized that social media could only work if the content was as good as the networking. From January 2013 onwards, we thus started producing better videos and started spending more time on images. In short, it was time to add content to the equation.

Yet making content, while fun, isn’t enough. It needs to be housed. Pictorial content, like posters and promotional material, can stay on social networks (like Photos on Facebeook). Video content is best kept on Youtube. But what about text? It dawned to us, that in spite of the ‘social web’ it still made sense to have one place where all your content (and what ever is happening in your firm) is kept. One easily accessible space, where your users and clients, could get to know your brand and its products. One space which produced one set of numbers, to track and increase. And ultimately, if social media is all about sharing, then things needs to be shared from somewhere. We had to start making websites.

And all the content and their websites had to be talked about and explained. It was time to create categories. Now that we understand the journey we’ve undertaken, we’re going to do a series of blog posts explaining them. The posts will look at seven websites we’ve created to how we improved our video content.

More coming soon.



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