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Last year we worked on a few e-commerce websites. Some were start-ups and others were big established brands. We really had fun working on the W for Woman ecommerce site.

BB And WfW Blog Covers_W Home

We were excited when we got approached by W for Woman to redesign their website. It was a great opportunity to work with a known brand and to create something that will be used by thousands of users daily. But there was a catch: we had to finish the design in under one month so it could be developed and be ready for use just as 2016 started.

At first we thought this was a monumental task and were a bit overwhelmed by the short timeline we had to finish the work in. Once we had a go ahead on the project though, we stepped back and evaluated the situation. We broke down the work scope and counted the main pages that needed to be designed and started from there.

We also decided not to create a design that would need to be shoehorned into different device screens. We also didn’t want to create separate designs of each kind device that’s out there. Instead we approached the design in a very simple manner: we created everything on a responsive grid and used bootstrap to develop a responsive version on the fly later.

Once we had the technical details sorted we started working on the website. W for woman wanted a website that would focus on their products and their brand story first. Only once their brand had been showcased, did they want their users to shift their attention to the ecommerce store.

For this we created a homepage that focused mainly on brand building. The first 3 folds were designed to showcase the brand through the lookbook, banners and collections. The e-commerce aspect though present, does not force itself on the visitors.

BB And WfW Blog Covers_W Sections

To make the website unique, we also designed two interactive web applications that were integrated to the website. The ‘Create a Look’ app allows the user to mix and match different styles and share them or buy them. The ‘Ask a Stylist’ app lets user interact with a W for Woman stylist and get helpful tips on fashion, style and paring. Both of these apps help user interaction and user retention while at the same time, creating brand value and goodwill.

BB And WfW Blog Covers_W Webapps

After we had our initial feedback we started working on the rest of the website. Since the website was mostly image intensive we had to make sure that the design would work a selection of images. We created the inside pages, profile pages and checkout pages, finally the about pages.

BB And WfW Blog Covers_W Lookbook

We had a constant feedback loop in the entire process and made sure that the design was completed on. After we had a general approval we converted the designs to PSDs and sent it to the developers for the coding. Through time management and close planning we were able to finish the website design on time. A few weeks later we started to see the demo website in action.

It was an amazing experience to see the design come to life.

The website is live and kicking now. Check out the W for Woman site here!



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