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We have been working with Broomberg on their social media for more than over a year now. During that year we’ve created a distinct style and design language that Broomberg have really liked and one that their audience responded well to. So we were glad when Broomberg asked us to redesign their website to better reflect the visual style of their social media and streamline their online communication.

BB And WfW Blog Covers_BB Home

We had a very clear direction: the website needed to communicate the services that Broomberg provides without using too much jargon or too much text. All of this needed to be clubbed with easy navigation and visible call to action buttons. Visitors had to be able to leave their phone numbers on the site so that Broomberg could call them back with specific service offerings, catering to their exact needs.
The website also had to be designed keeping in mind that it may need to integrate e-commerce elements in the future.

BB And WfW Blog Covers_BB Mobile First

Since most of Broomberg’s visitors use smartphones to find the site, we decided to take a mobile-first approach.
We got the wireframe for the mobile designs and started by understanding Broomberg’s website requirements. Then we looked at examples and designs that other firms were using in the interiors space. We also researched and selected a number of color schemes and typographic combinations that could work on the website. We also designed a minimal logo for the. Once we had approvals on the ideas and styles we were ready to get to work on the designs.

We created the mobile homepage first, and then started work on layouts, icons and graphics for the main services. It took a few feedback cycles to get all the elements right. The designs were also expanded to fit tablet and desktop screens, to help us understand how best to use all the elements on all devices. It’s only when the rough designs worked on all smartphones, tablets and desktops, that the final work on the services pages began.

Each service page has its unique graphic which was created to be interactive, but that feature was later dropped. We also created add-on services icons that would be used for pop-ups later.

BB And WfW Blog Covers_BB Room
Room Graphic
BB And WfW Blog Covers_BB Kitchen
Kitchen Graphic
BB And WfW Blog Covers_BB Bathroom
Bathroom graphic

We chose an approximate header image for each service and created an image guideline to help Broomberg pick the most appropriate images from the stock image repositories. Once they found the images they liked, we treated them to fit into the design.

Meanwhile we finished working on the pop-ups and the remaining icons. We decided that the 6 main service icons in the homepage would be made into gifs that would play on the desktop site.

BB And WfW Blog Covers_BB Gif Icons

After all the feedback the designs were converted and sent to be developed. We got a few sneak peaks of how they were being turned out. We provided design feedback and relevant changes throughout the process to the developers to help iron out problems that they faced.

The website went live in mid-December 2015. It’s always a treat to see our designs come to life and to have been a part of the process. We are still working with them closely to support them and help them in the continuous evolution of their website.

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