We turned 3!

A while back.

They say that it’s only by the third year of its inception that an organization finally understands its business model.

One reason, could be that three years of answering questions like:

‘Beta, what exactly do you do?’,

‘When are you going to start a real career?’

or my favorite, ‘When are you going to grow up, yaar?’

annoys you to a point where you really start thinking. Thinking of what, exactly, do you do.

‘I work with cumpooters, aunty ji’ is a satisfactory answer. People love computers, for apparently, working in the ‘computer industry’ makes people dream of a fulfilled future of a DLF flat, a Shaadi.com wife, furniture from Myntra and that super cute dog that is in that commercial that everyone is talking about.

Answering that question to yourself though can be a lot harder.

Three years in the ‘digital space’, doesn’t prepare you for delays in project development (our new website was completed almost 2 months late), or clients who think that contracts are to be broken, or equipment that decides to snooze just when you’re on a deadline. Three years, helps you cope with it. Three years assures you that when things go wrong, you’ve either dealt with the situation before and so you know when to just chill and let the ball roll. Or that when things go sour, you know when to say ‘no’ and move on.

Three years also gives you a luxury. A luxury of looking back and seeing how your work has improved. Of looking back and seeing a roster of clients, who were happy with your work, and returned with more projects. Of seeing a team that has grown, not only in number, but in girth. Of memories that make you go all soft in the stomach, just like that super cute dog from that commercial that everyone is talking about does.

But does three years define you?

Are they enough years to say, listen this is what I do, alright?

Or can you say, wait, I’m still learning and honestly, I don’t know ok.

At BlueAnt Digital, we work with content, technology and media. We use them to market products on social media. We use them to create websites, and often these sites are for people who’ve never put their stuff online before. We use them to create videos, comics and graphics, that we and our client’s target audience will like. We create because it makes us happy. We create because we understand that saying the right thing, at the right time, on the right network is what makes businesses run.

And we also know that technology and media, and thus the content that runs on these two, is constantly changing. And with it, we’re changing too.

So in a world, where adaptation and evolution, is the only means to thrive, how can you ever say ‘this is what we do’?

Why put yourself in a box?

Instead, we say, ‘This is how we think and this is why is good for your brand.’

The product that comes out of it, is immaterial.



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