Valentine’s Day Campaign
Uber Eats


For Uber Eats’ Valentine’s Day campaign we created an online advert. This advert showcased how after a meticulous setting up of the ‘mood’, Uber Eats pitched in the ‘food’.


The first step was to look for references, in terms of the colour schemes, angles for shooting, table settings, and accessories.

Next, we conceptualized the script of the video. This involved a lot of back-and-forths due to all the minute details we wanted to take into consideration. During this discussion, we finalised the style of the shoot to be a combination of stop-motion and track shots. These shots were tight and worked best to bring out all the detailing in the different elements placed on the table including cutlery, runners, vases, candles and more.

We then illustrated the storyboard in order to have perfect shot-to-shot clarity during the shoot.

Initially, we set on a colour scheme that had cool blues and a jazzy mood.  However, after a round of throwing around ideas, we finalised on our colour scheme. We chose the accent colour to be shades of yellow and matcha green, and the base colour to be Fig, which is the brand colour for Uber eats.

While shooting, the angles that we used in this video comprised of a mix of flat lay top shots, stop-motion effects combined with side angle shots.

After wrapping up the shoot, we worked on a few rounds of colour corrections for the video as well as the stills, ensured the video was resized to fit all required social media formats, and, voila!


The final video was launched successfully by Uber Eats India on all their social channels.

Watch it on Uber Eats’ Facebook page!



  • 2018


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