Our Favourite Five from Under25 Summit, Delhi

What’s better than being lazy on a Sunday morning? Resonant and Rant recently found out it’s going out and meeting a bunch of people who have figured a few things out for themselves. They represented BlueAnt at the Delhi leg of the Under25 Summit that took place on the 25th of September at MTV Flyp Cafe and came back with quite a few insights. (That’d mostly be Rant though.)

Resonant on the other hand, did what he does best – sketch people unawares. By the end of the day, Resonant’s sketchpad was the most coveted possession in the hall with everyone wanting to catch a glimpse of the caricatures he had drawn.

Here are our favourite speakers and/or performers from the meet, recreated through sketches:

The Entire Food and Beverage Panel:
From L-R - Suchita Salwan, Ishan Grover, Raghav Verma, Viraj Lamba and Anahita Dhondy
From L-R – Suchita Salwan, Ishan Grover, Raghav Verma, Viraj Lamba and Anahita Dhondy


Honestly, this was the panel we were most excited about in the first place, not only because it would discuss food but also because it featured some of the bigger names. And what an insightful discussion it was. Key takeaways from the discussion –

The first thing to do after landing in Delhi is to download the LBB app.

If you love beer as much as Ishan, make a profession out of it.

If you love your rich heritage follow Anahita’s cue and let people know about it.

And Raghav taught us, if you love anything do it after engineering.

Sarvar Kahlon
Sarvar Kahlon with cute guy in H&M T-shirt
Sarvar Kahlon with cute guy in H&M T-shirt


It would have been a dull and drowsy day had it not been for Sarvar’s cheery, soulful music towards the beginning of the event. Not only did we enjoy her songs, we loved the way she used stories from her own life as a build-up to each of her songs.

Parveen Singhal
Parveen 'Viral' Singhal
Parveen ‘Viral’ Singhal


Since content is a large part of what we do, we were looking forward to what Parveen Singhal, COO of Wittyfeed had to say. And though the session was a blink and you miss one, we did manage to get a few pointers about how to make things go ‘viral’.

Edwin Thomas
Couldn't recreate the print on your t-shirt Edwin
Couldn’t recreate the print on your tunic Edwin


Youth Ki Awaaz is one of the online websites we follow closely and needless to say we were pretty much excited to see Edwin Thomas on stage and like always Edwin was on fire.

Mallika Dua
Mallika (not Sherawat) but Dua
Mallika (not Sherawat) but Dua


Is there anyone who doesn’t enjoy Mallika Dua’s videos? She is more fun in person. Here’s how Resonant imagines the original Miss Sarojini Nagar.

Were you there at the Under25 Summit too? Is your favourite person at the event on the list too? If not, tell us via Facebook or Twitter who your favourite was.



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