Unboxing the Pitara

And we opened a Pitara of the fashion industry for all to look into. In continuation of our Web Design and Development Blog Series, here we talk about our experience with Pitara.

Pitara Design was one of our most sought after and ambitious projects. Firstly, in nature it is completely different from all our other clients. It caters to a whole new market segment. Secondly, we were given the task of establishing an online presence for this enigmatic brand.

Here is a little peek into the story of Pitara:

  1. Pitara is an organic, ethnic and everyday clothing brand.
  2. It began its journey back in 1995 as a manufacturer and distributor of traditional and contemporary wear.
  3. It employs local village women artisans for handiwork and encourages traditional arts and empowering women workforce.

Now how could a digital agency be a part of this story? Simple! We create a platform on the web where they can reach out to a bigger market and capture newer audience.

What is our strategy?

We first began with a social media plan, where our offering to the TG becomes the website. The website is the product which we plan to spread across all channels.

Who creates the website?

BlueAnt does, in-house! Thanks to our exposure, expertise and experience with WordPress. We pick a template that is completely unique and totally in tandem with the essence of the brand – traditional yet modern. Personally, the best feature of the template that I found is the ease of navigation and stylish flow of pages.

About the website

It has a single page scroll where one can navigate the whole site without clicking much on different menus/options. Other than the technicalities, the look of the website had to complement the brand’s appeal. So after re-designing the brand logo and creating brand colour guidelines, these were made use of during the web design process. With minimal text and more visual indulgence, the website took shape. The website has a blog section where personal stories, different happenings, about production, latest news will be regularly put up.

Where from here?

After the website was done, the Facebook page had to be set up. The visuals again had to reflect the nuances of Pitara. Hence most graphics I did were with an “artisans” approach not to forget to give attention to details. This took most of my time, but since I have mentioned before how much I enjoy designing, it was satisfying and worth it. We will soon begin sharing blog links from the website on Facebook.

Keep an eye out for more details on this fascinating journey, as there is a lot more in the store (and in the factory)!

Visit the website: pitaradesign.com

Also Join the page: facebook.com/PitaraDesign

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