Top 5 Tech Fails of 2016

  1. LG G5

Before the phone launched, there was a lot of hype around the LG G5, as it seemed to be LG’s response to the Samsung Galaxy S7. It was expected to be the best LG smartphone ever created, and was expected to give the S7 a run for its money. The LG G5, however, turned out to be a disaster for the company. While LG tried their best, the phone was dead on arrival!


LG planned to innovate their flagship smartphones, and ended up introducing a modular design. While it sounded good on paper, Google had been working on the concept for the past several years, and ended up shutting down their modular experiments later this year. However, while Google was planning to end the modular experiments, a team of designers at LG thought it was a great idea. However, as it turns out, it was not.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Let us now address the elephant in the room! We know you were awaiting this name in the list, and its now time to discuss this device. The perfect tragedy from Samsung! What makes a good tragedy is the timing of things, and things could not have gone bad for Samsung at a worse time! The company was having a great year. The Samsung Galaxy S7 sales were off the charts, and Samsung was a rather motivated unit. They were eyeing their biggest year ever when the first Samsung Galaxy Note 7 caught fire.


And then another, and another, and yet another. Dozens of devices went up in flames, and so did Samsung’s dream of conquering the markets this year.  The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 found itself as a butt of thousands of jokes, and was an absolute PR disaster. Hopefully, Samsung Galaxy S8 will help the company bounce back.

  1. Macbook Pro

I’ve always disliked Apple products for their extreme capitalist traits (building a closed system on an open-source one), for a UX that treats me like I’m some kind of idiot (Donald Trump can launch nuclear warheads and I’m not allowed to see my hidden files and folders without going into terminal), and not letting me play even the casualest of RPGs without lag.

But the one thing I’ve never been able to fault in any Apple product is its design. And despite all my criticisms, the one argument fanboys/girls always throw back in my face is ‘BUT IT LOOKS SO GOOD’ and I have to grudgingly agree.


After keeping its users waiting for 4 years, Apple had taken the bold step of a) introducing the narrowest of touch interfaces just above the keyboard accessible only by those of us with spindly fingers and b) getting rid of that no-good, totally useless ‘escape’ key.

Contrast this to Microsoft who released their Surface Studio at roughly the same time, shamelessly leeching off the sleek design that has come to mark Apple’s iDevices, but with added, intuitive functionality and UX to match, universal connectors, and a competitive price tag. With the launch of the new Macbook Pro, Apple seems to be abandoning its core audience – the creative professional – and handing the keys to the kingdom over to Microsoft.

  1. HTC Vive

A revolution is coming in the way you know gaming to be, said HTC, a year ago. However, while the revolution did come, it burnt a hole in our pockets and burnt our fingers! Awaited by many, but tried out by a much lesser number of people, the HTC Vive first suffered from a supply shortage, and at $800 to just buy the device, and another $2000 to set up a gaming rig that would actually be compatible with the Vive, the device did not quite bring the revolution we thought it would!


However with the rapid growth in the world of VR, and with Windows too, working on their own VR platform with Dell, it is expected that the cost of VR will go down over the next year.

  1. Nextbit Robin

A phone so bad you might not even have heard about it, the Nextbit Robin had a lot of hype around it before it launched. The phone was quite popular among the pro-users, however, this popularity fizzled out as soon as it launched. The worst part about the phone was the build itself. While the device was all about the concept of cloud technology becoming mainstream, Nextbit Robin was an absolute disaster as it was a phone so fragile you could break it like a biscuit!


To make things worse, the manufacturers did not use metal anywhere in the device, including the insides! The bolts were placed directly on the plastic, making it even more vulnerable to damage! An absolute disaster after months of waiting for it.



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