The WordPress/social media intern

At BlueAnt Digital we’re caught in the web.

When we switch off computers, we switch on smartphones. When we talk, we talk in pokes, likes and even Lolz.  In the past year, we’ve built 10 websites and managed social media for as many clients.

We’re looking for a WordPress/Social Media intern who can help us build even more sites and promote those that are already out there. We need a person who:

  • Comes across at least one website a day that knocks the wind out of him/her.
  • Knows what HTML 5/CSS3 is and is itching to use them.
  • Has used WordPress before and can’t wait to kick it up a notch.
  • Understands that websites need social media, like athletes need breakfast.
  • Has managed social media pages before and can track likes.
  • Can send us a list (or even one) of sites that they have worked on.
  • Can join in a team laugh.
  • Prefers Redbull to Coke, but won’t admit it.

If you are that person, please send in your CV and portfolio, or anything else that you would like to show off, to us at, with the subject: ‘Don’t waste your time, just give me the job’.



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