The Right ‘Pic’ – Facebook Engagement through Visuals

After integrating the Photos feature in 2005, Facebook has become a magnificent online platform to share pictures with friends and family. With time, this trend only grew at massive proportions with people uploading album full of pictures and gaining attention and popularity.

However for a brand, it is of utmost importance to use imagery for the right reason, frequency and effect in not just their print campaigns but the online sphere as well.
For our clients like Anglian Football, who is all about football – the most revered sport in the world, it is vital to not become a part of the online clutter. The route taken for viewer engagement through pictures on facebook is a two-way street. How does one engage people who are not into football or for that matter sports?
The answer Anglian found with us was a simple exchange of thoughts, ideas, visuals and words. Each week a concept image by any upcoming/established photographer is chosen. Every image is however required to capture the essence of football in its entirety. Using a few words to describe the nature of the idea, the facebook poster is complete with the photographer’s due credit on it. It becomes a win-win situation for both Anglian and the photographers who get instant recognition through this campaign.
Since the inception of the campaign there has been a rise in interest from various photographers for the same. The beauty of the series is, it encourages and showcases the love for the game in different strata and unimaginable parts of the country.
Football feature photographs on the Anglian Football facebook page



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