The return of the children’s storybook

cloudDo you remember when you were a child and your world was full of possibilities and imagination?

It was a time when we could live anywhere, do anything and be anyone – we could be our own superheroes! It was a time when reality hadn’t struck our little minds while our imaginations worked full-time.

All of this can be attributed to an early fix of fairytales, comic books, fables and rhymes. For many of us, there was nothing quite as exciting as getting our hands on a new storybook and spending hour after  hour going through it, admiring every colour, every character, and every little detail of its universe.

Our fascination with storybooks began at a very young age. However over the years, it culminated into an interest in other forms of storytelling. As we grew up we found it harder and harder to get the time to read. We are all living fast-paced lives and our attention spans are much smaller than they used to be. But our love for reading and children’s books never diminished.

owlSo how do we bring back the charm of these much-treasured pieces of vivid imagination back to our adult lives?

We create ‘Children’s Books for Grownups’ online, of course!

After over 100 blogs on this very site, it’s easy to guess why we want to go online – we live and breathe virtual stories.

In fact, when the idea first struck us, we planned to create a series of hardcover books. An idea that we quickly scrapped because we wanted people to be able to access our stories easily. So we decided to go another step forward and create an interactive online storybook. Like this, we bridge the gap between the old-world charm of storytelling and all the new-world interactivity technology provides us.

The idea pivots around creating a style of children’s storybooks that cater to adult or grownup sensibilities. We were hugely influenced and inspired by books like Go the f**k to sleep and All my friends are dead for their concept and storycraft.

When it comes to art, Sahil is a huge fan of Oliver Jeffers’ work. For the dark-style, his inspirations are Edward Gorey, Mike Mignola and Bob Gillroy.


However, we wanted to come up with a signature illustration style. We tried to keep it minimal, vibrant and slightly sinister. We even want to take this ahead to create a visual style which is on the lines of neo-goth art yet completely different from everything we ever tried.

It was important to keep the stories short and effective, especially because they would be published online. We felt poetry was ideally suited to convey an entire story in a short period of time. Every story is written in a way so that a child could understand it, yet the meanings and the themes are definitely quite ‘grown-up’.

Stay tuned – we’ll soon be releasing our very first story. We hope you like it as much as we enjoyed working on it.




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