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Just as we were finishing work on the website in January 2013, we also started working with VRdMOB (a 360 degree app, social media and all things digital company, of which I am also a part). VR d MOB (vrdm from now) was building applications for two Delhi based magazines: First City and Parenting. The purpose of the app was to make the magazines available to mobile and tablet readers, while (in the long term) also making the 23 years of archives of each magazine available to a larger global audience.

But how would we tell people that the app was available?

How would they know what they were paying for?

How would we get them to come back to the magazine day after day?

The answer was content. First City and Parenting both have targeted and well researched content that appeals to their target audiences (Young Urban Delhiites and Young Parents, respectively). We had to create a way to showcase that content and through that lead people into purchasing magazine issues on the app.

For this we created websites for both First City and Parenting. The sites would showcase content from the current issue of the magazine throughout the month. This content, changed every day, would then be showcased as posts on the Magazines’ facebook page (Here are the pages for First City and Parenting). These posts would then be promoted using facebook’s various advertising options.

The plan was simple, show people what the magazine is about. Let them have a read. Let them interact with the people who create the magazine. And once they are hooked, give them the option to purchase the magazine and read the entire content. The trick was to tempt them with the content, but to not give the content away for free.

For this, the websites were both kept extremely simple, letting people concentrate on images and short text. Options and menus were kept to a minimum to remove any distraction from the content. For this we used a theme called ‘Oxygen‘, which gave us enough options and could easily be changed for First City and Parenting. The facebook pages followed. Then the apps were launched (you can see them on the websites).

Now, three months later, we have the apps available on iOS and Android supported by over 10,000 fans who aren’t just purchasing issues, they’re buying yearly subscriptions!

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