The Girl Who Wants To Fly

Meet Divya.

Divya is 7 years old. She has the same endless imagination and impossible dreams as any other little girl.

Except, unlike other little girls, Divya’s dreams are single-minded, bull-headed obsessions.

Divya wants to be able to fly. This doesn’t mean she wishes she could fly. It doesn’t mean she wants to be a pilot or an astronaut. Divya really, truly wants to fly. She wants to be able to physically leave the firm surface of the earth and soar with the hollow-boned creatures we call ‘birds’.

This stubborn girl doesn’t let such inconsequential stuff like PHYSICS get in the way of her dreams. Since the day she could walk, Divya’s been trying out a series of devious schemes to achieve her dreams.

Two years ago, she charmed the birds from the trees – literally. She trained these birds to perch on her arms and then got them to flap their wings as hard as they could. Then she waited for liftoff.


It didn’t work.

Last year, Divya tried to coax her fed-up parents to buy her one of those little beanies with a propeller. They finally gave into her demands and got her what she wanted. She stared at her new toy in awe, popped it on her head, pressed the button and prepared to soar.


That didn’t work either.

Now Divya has had enough. She’s come up with a foolproof plan. She’s looking out for kites – not the birds, but those rhombus shaped strips of paper that flit about in the sky around Independence day. Divya is convinced that once she manages to stick enough kites together – she’ll be able to fly.

Here at BlueAnt Digital, we’re not going to ruin a little girl’s dream. We’re going to get Divya those kites!

Coming soon – your chance to make one little girl very, very happy!



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