Creative, Crazy Ants at Delhi Secret Supper Club

What happens when a bunch of fun, enthusiastic people meet on a lazy Sunday?  They have a crazy evening ahead. That’s exactly what we did.

On the 18th of September we attended the ‘Creative Crazies Collective’ – an invite-only get-together arranged by the Delhi Secret Supper Club in association with Monkey Bar. The entire event had a relaxed vibe to it, perfect for interacting with new people. And while we were expecting it to be a semi-formal session with little gyaan thrown at our direction from time to time, it turned out to be quite the opposite.

What better way to start a conversation among a group of strangers than by getting them to talk about their favourite TV show? The organizers sorted everyone into the royal houses of Game of Thrones letting that be the conversation-starter for the day.

The judges in rapt discussion!


The event was packed with a number of activities, starting with finding an innovative name for a cocktail the bartender had exclusively mixed for the party. We tasted it and it reminded us of the ‘chuskis’ we slurped on in our school days. And we rightly named it so. It’s a pity that we weren’t the winners. (By the time the best selected name for the drink was declared, we were too hammered to find out what it was – open bar!).

Resonant re-imagines the event.

To make sure everyone bonded there were a series of innovative games. All the attendees who were sorted into the royal houses of GoT, were logged in a series of contests ranging from Pictionary to preparing an advertisement for an imaginary, quirky product. The one I, rather my Team Martell, got was ‘Jesus cup which turns water into wine’. And, though I think my teammates were the best, the judges seemed to like Team Greyjoy’s take on ‘shoes that keep your balls in place’ the most. (Balls, I say)

The best part of the event was not the games, it was the time that followed it, when we let our hair down and danced till our heels started aching. (I never thought Resonant could have such smooth moves.) It was a great way to end a long and stressful week for Team BlueAnt and kudos to DSSC for getting so many people under one roof and engaging them in fun interactions. Looking forward to another awesome gathering soon.

The oh-so-amazing gift boxes!
The oh-so-amazing gift box!


P.S. The gift boxes were amazing. We loved the little boxes of macarons and how cute were the little boxes of chocolates. (As an after note – thanks for the coasters, you totally saved me a lot of money.)

P.P.S Were you at the Collective Crazies event and want to catch up? Follow us on Facebook and Twitter or get in touch with me at!

Judges image sourced from Delhi Secret Supper Club. Thanks also to Secret Scholars Club for having us!



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