The AntHill wants YOU

Are you a TruAnt?

At just over one and half years old, BlueAnt Digital Intelligence has worked on a number of things: Social Media Strategy for Brands, Video Shooting and Editing, Projection, Augmented Reality Apps and even a simple Xbox Kinect based game.
It’s time to do even more.

I’m looking for more Ants.
I’m looking for someone who’s obsessed about the media and the web; someone who can move between creating media and promoting it. In sum, I need some who has the following skills:

Social Media
What to say? Where to say it? Who to say it to?
  1. Someone who understands what brands need to say on different networks (primarily Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter).
  2. Preferably someone who has run a Facebook Page/Twitter handle for a brand before.
  3. Example: Someone who wakes up in the morning and starts the day by reading Mashable/Wired/Slate. Although iO9 readers will be given special preference.
Its important for you to be able to create content yourself; I need someone who can handle any one of the following:
  1. Writing Text: Like to write? Send me your blog URL.
  2. Shooting and editing video: Like shooting video? Show me your Youtube Channel.
  3. Graphic Art: Like Doodling? Send pictures.
  4. Example: Someone who likes keeping a blog, or obsessively films, edits and shares whatever they find fascinating or someone who can’t get by without thinking how that logo looks out of place.


Yes, Yes, a lot of creative people don’t like technology. But you need to know a little. It would be preferable if you have:
  1. Working knowledge of Photoshop/Illustrator.
  2. Able to dabble in some HTML/CSS.
  3. If you have a favorite language or skill not mentioned here let me know. (Personally I am in love with Processing at the moment).
  4. Example: someone who doesn’t have to run for tech-support when a link on a site stops working or doesn’t have cold feet when they have to create what an idea prototype looks like.
So, if you’re young, hip and a total web-junkie, then this AntHill wants YOU.
Get in touch with me at



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