That’s So Vintage: Cassettes, Cameras and Cathode Ray Tubes

Shall I tell you a story? One mid-summer I went to visit my friend’s at his den in Ghaziabad. After a long bus journey under the unforgiving Delhi heat, I finally made it to his place. As I entered the house, I could hear some popular Bobby Deol song playing on an old TV. I could see all the kids in the family gathered in front of the television screen dancing to the track. And I could smell the tasty, tasty homemade desi cuisine that surrounded me.

Bobby Deol on TV

I was surprised by my friend’s grand hospitality. I stretched my hand for my share of chholey bhature, but my friend stopped me. He stopped me because he wanted a photograph before we got stuck in the magnificent meal. He had hired a local photographer for the shoot.

I’m not kidding!

I was hungry but I kept cool, calm and controlled. I posed for the shot as best as I could. The photographer counted to 3. We all smiled and *phochook*!

For a second everything went all black. I was shocked! It was like someone just turned off the lights.
*Click!* *Click!* The lights turned back on and everyone was ready for the meal.

The photographer had what I can only describe as a vintage camera – to me it looked like a character from Star Wars! As I realised this, he successfully managed to capture the exact moment of shock on my face.

Cam Wars - Darth Vader

Now think about it – today we have all our music at our fingertips, but there was a time when our grandfather’s father had to climb high the hills, swim across the river, ride a horse or a bullock cart, to reach a place where people would gather to entertain, dance and enjoy an ear-melting piece of music.


We miss that adventure we went through – whether it was finding secret music destinations, or waiting for our favourite song to play on the radio, or making mixtapes by borrowing albums from friends and recording our favourite songs on to blank cassettes. And when those cassettes would get unwound we would stick a pencil into them and wind it back up and get back to listening!


Now, we don’t even have to step out of our houses! We can enjoy whatever music we like, whenever we want. Our mixtapes are on 8tracks, our music library is on our iPod and and Spotify are our radios! We no longer have to go through the same lengths to access the music we love.

What are your favourite memories of old technology? Do you miss cathode ray TVs, analog cameras, radio and cassettes, or do you welcome the new technology that surrounds us? Tell us in the comments!



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  • Siddharth.S

    Aug 4th 2015

    Beautiful illustrations! :D

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