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During the hot, hot heat of the Delhi summer we witness a number of interesting scenes on a daily basis. Melted roads, hotheaded white-collars fighting their way to their labs, smart cab drivers finding ways to squeeze in between two headlights as they chase time.

We at BlueAnt Digital Intelligence have our own ways of keeping ourselves occupied as we struggle to keep calm and carry on in such wonderful weather.

We did not pack up and head out on a road trip to meditate in the Himalayas. Instead we decided to do something interesting – to create something extraordinary and have fun in the process!

After a few days of serious conference, team BAD decided to work on creating a parallax website.

Parallax Multiplane

But what is parallax and why did we want to use it?

Parallax is a design technique where two sets of images appear to move at different speeds when the user scroll. This gives a website or experience a 3D feeling while remaining 2D.

The main reasons we wanted to experiment with parallax were:

1. It looks great: probably the greatest appeal Parallax had for us was just how GOOD it looks! Multi-plane effects give a sense of ‘depth’ to the page and turn a 2D environment into a 3D experience.
2. Minimal ‘back’ buttons: Everything is one page – you don’t have to navigate so much and so you have fewer total pages on the website.
3. It’s Interactive – the great thing about Parallax is that it always lets the user engage with it – even if all he or she is doing is scrolling, it will always be an interactive experience.

Parallax is Responsive

4. It’s Responsive – to make things even easier – Parallax is responsive! There used to be a time when something so beautiful could never be so easily represented on mobile AND desktop, but parallax looks great no matter what device you’re on.
5. It’s Flexible – Parallax is a great medium for us to work on as designers and developers. It gives us the freedom to move objects around, and place them as and where we want them.

Our first task was to choose one theme and kick start ‘Mission Parallax Effect’. Hence, we chose a theme on few tools; we restless humans have created to keep ourselves busy and what we have till date. A simple sketch on what was new then and now. Technologies, gadgets created with a purpose to simplify our lifestyle. We are not talking deep science here; it’s more about the ups and downs of those human innovations, an outlook on the evolution of the gadgets we are obsessed with.

Parallax is Flexible

The second task was to make a list of all the elements; doodle the visual styles and the story. We picked up soft yellow and black to give a good contrast with a mix of digital and traditional visuals.

To bring forth the design, Dennis concentrated a good amount of chakra and burned it in creating a minimal eye pleasing graphics. We added some doodles to complete the composition. After a feedback round with everyone, we molded this microsite.

Ladies and gentlemen! After some rounds of yes and no, a little left and little right:

Presenting you, the birth of our new microsite: Techstory.



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