‘Technology Do Mine’

It’s the same old story.
A prospective client calls, and asks you to meet him/her at light speed.
You drop everything and you run.
He/She asks for everything: work references, portfolio, ideas, white papers, phone numbers, ration card numbers (bonus points for knowing what that is), health insurance papers, your mother’s birthday, your granny’s favorite film star.


Once you’ve managed to do that, you catch your breath. And you wait. And wait. And wait.
The silence stretches, from millimeters to light years.
Months later, you’re told that they’re ‘having an internal decision’ and that ‘no decision has been taken yet’ and may be, just may be, ‘they’ll escalate the matter’ to their ‘superiors’. Oh they want some more documentation.


Brands that wait. Brands that wonder how much time to spend on Social Media. Brands that spend time trying to get it ‘right’ before they try, have already missed the boat.
A group of friends decided that we would do what mega-corporations fail at. We would create a concept, create the content, get feedback and ‘go live’ in less than 2 weeks. And that too on a shoestring budget.
And what we’ve come up with is ‘Technology Do Mine’, a kinetic typography projection of a collection of rhyming verse on our lives with technology.
The is event here
Do join us.

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