Ideate-Pause-Create: Upgrading from Static to Stop-Motion Videos for 24Seven

Instagram introduced the Stories feature, now being used by 250 million people every day, that allows content to be viewed publicly for 24 hours, making it easier for brands to promote themselves and drive traffic to their Instagram account.

My favourites have been Stories that I made for 24Seven Convenience Store. All of them revolve around the theme of easy accessibility, round-the-clock availability and taste of the products available at their stores: pizzas, chocolates, fidget spinners and ready-to-eat meals.

I’d never done Stop Motion before I started work at BlueAnt. Initially, the Stories I created were very simple; static posts in accordance with the colour scheme of the brand. However, I saw that videos published on Instagram got double the engagement than static posts. Also, between 2016 and 2017, the average engagements for video posts increased by 53 percent over Instagram. That’s why I shifted to stop motion videos. The stop-motion videos I make are about spontaneous experimentation with everyday objects in an unconventional manner. Additionally, 24Seven was also going through a stage of rebranding and wanted to incorporate promotional tools that were trendy and popular amongst their target audience, i.e., college students, young professionals, and social media-savvy youngsters.

For every stop motion video, I start with developing a concept, after which I gather my props and set up the workstation. I then shoot with an iPhone and a tripod if required. Sometimes, I also use Instagram tools like Boomerang, Rewind, and Filters. Once the shoot is finished, it goes into editing. The finished stop motion video is then published on their Stories, Instagram Feed and their Facebook page.

Over time, the stop-motion videos have improved in terms of ideation, approach, and execution. There has been an increased engagement on all of their social media platforms in terms of the number of followers, mentions, impressions, and comments.

“Brilliant”, I hear the HeadAnt exclaim, standing behind my back as I continue to ideate and create.



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