Startups are Digital Punk Rockers

While pitching to different clients – small, mid-size or large – we get asked a lot of these questions:

What is your team strength?
‘What big brands have you worked with?
‘What was your mandate for these brands?
‘What was your strategy?
And the big one:
What is your turnover?

Having been around for over four years now, we can confidently answer any one of these questions.
But the real question that nobody ever asks us is:

Did you ever help create a company?

Now there’s a question we would love to answer.

Why? Because more than anything, it proves our merit. Its premise is that we, as a 4-year old agency, helped a startup take an idea and grow into a brand. We created and reinvented brand identities and guidelines to suit the startup’s needs. Working with startups pushes us to think, reflect, ideate and then do it all over again till we outdo ourselves. A journey as the end product is the most fulfilling business model we can imagine.

Every startup begins with one or both of the following two goals:

1. To find investors willing to sponsor their vision
2. To become self-sustaining enough to generate revenue of their own (or even better – to turn a profit!)

This decade has seen an exponential increase in entrepreneurship. With its advent, the acceptance of the concept of a startup increased. And here we are: a bunch of nerds, artists, creators, tech junkies and information seekers working together to align ourselves to the era of the entrepreneur.

We know the importance of a good idea. More than that, we know the importance of conceptualising and creating a sterling end-product. To survive, you only strive. But to thrive, you drive.

In our heads, the digital space is punk rock. It gives a startup the same opportunities as it would give to a conglomerate.

It is DIY. It is trial and error. It is R&D.


Isn’t that how startups work?

Startups reflect our generation’s war-cry – ‘This is my idea. I will make it work.

Getting behind this thought process is not both challenging and exciting. There is opportunity, flexibility and freedom to create, monitor and carve out a niche.

That’s why we need startups.

It wasn’t too long ago that you had an idea but couldn’t find the right people to back you up – be it for financial or technical support. For communication alone, you needed a content writer, a branding consultant and a marketing specialist. You’d go out looking for people, hoping they would share your enthusiasm and vision, but if you hit a wall, your idea could die even before it took off.

We believe we are those people. We believe in innovation, experimentation and risk. We believe in backing a madcap idea. We’ve been through the startup phase with its quandaries and crises and this is where we are today – ready to push the envelope, blaze a trail, and make it happen

Let’s rock ‘n’ roll!




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