Starting with Bridge To India

It was December 2011 and I was looking for clients.
‘Hi! We’re having trouble in understanding how to better use our website and that social media thing. Would you be interested in that?’
‘Would I!’
That, roughly, was my introduction to Bridge To India, an energetic young Solar Power consultancy based in Delhi. Like a lot of clients they had gone ‘online’, with a website, facebook page, twitter feed, Linkedin profile and blog, but weren’t sure where to go next. That’s where I stepped in.



Every client has different needs. Clients have their own core competencies. Each has competitors. What they put on the ‘web’ and ‘social’ needs to be evaluated against what works (that is what leads more interactions, likes, followers and ultimately web hits and paid downloads) and what competitors are up to. The first affects the bottom-line, the second helps you assess where the client’s industry is headed. Together, they help you understand what online and social spaces can help the client reach and convert their target demographic.


Online and on-social there are a plethora of metrics, one just has to listen to the numbers (quantitative) and observe interactions (qualitative) to understand what needs to be done and what can be axed. I now call this a ‘Media Audit’.
I spent the month of December auditing Bridge To India. And over the months, that audit led to a whole new way of blogging, sharing and reaching customers via all the social media channels that Bridge To India already had. Nothing new had to be created, what was present was just optimally utilized.


Case in point: last month, paid downloads that were steady at 10 months, jumped to more than twice that. This was after just 4 weeks of using the right networks at the right time.
Don’t believe me?


Have a look at the audit here: Download B2I Competitor Audit



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