Social Media’s Voice in 2013

This blog post is written by Archit Chandra, a fantasy fiction buff, indie music fanatic, anime buff and BlueAnt Digital’s first ever intern. Archit talks about how he thinks Social Media will evolve in 2013.

“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language

And next year’s words await another voice.” – T S Eliot.

Social media will have a new voice in 2013.

Social media as more than just an information dissemination tool has begun to be realized. 2013 will see social media growing beyond the scope of the marketing department, maybe even defining company policies and goals. The company’s social media strategy will involve insights, feedback and marketing avenues with an approach to drive business decisions at all levels, cutting across departmental lines. The movement has already begun.

Streamlining the hiring procedure will be one of the main advantages of social media for businesses. Unsurprisingly, Facebook has already started it. On the Facebook Careers page, you can search for an opening by team or by location. You can apply for the job on Facebook itself, photograph and resume included. This process of recruitment and scouting new talent on social media sites will become the dominant mode of hiring in the coming year.

Social media is also becoming crucial in production. When composer Hans Zimmer wanted thousands of voices to create the iconic Bane chant “Deshi Basara” for the film ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, he turned towards crowdsourcing using social media platforms to carry out his operations. He requested people on Facebook, Twitter and others platforms to send in their audio recordings to be used for the chant. This served the dual purpose of helping with the production of an inherent part of the film and marketing the film itself. This is a perfect example of the use of social media to further operations. We can expect more examples this year.

It’s even given college students like me a cost effective way to create and run businesses. In my pre-final year in college, a few friends and I founded a book rental service called ‘The Attic’. We had very little money and no prior business experience. Investing in a website seemed too expensive, so we decided to carry out all of our operations with the help of social media. We set up Google Docs for all the operations, and used Facebook and Twitter for communicating with our consumers and receiving orders. This reduced costs and made transactions faster. This is why we clicked.

2013 will enable thousands of people to operate businesses at lower costs, faster turnaround times and in niches that traditional businesses can’t support.

The voice of 2013 will be heard.



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