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Two Sides of a Person

10 Feb 20154 Comments

Broomberg provides deep cleaning solutions for those in need, the busy and the infirm. As a part of their marketing campaign we came up with the idea of a weekly joke post, that looked at how we behave differently when we’re in our own space and when we’re in public. Through these posts we wanted to establish a link with cleanliness and create something that would resonate with all of us.

For these  posts we created a character and ran an ongoing comic with him in different yet familiar situations like eating, throwing trash, driving and even answering nature’s call on the city’s walls.


In each situation, the character exhibits ‘Two sides’ performing the same task differently. Yet unlike Dr. Jackell and Mr Hyde, where there is a stark line between the good and evil, our character is a little more complicated.


Not everything he does in public is bad. In ‘Eating Alone v/s Eating in Public’, he makes more of a mess in private but is very graceful in public. In others he is cleaner at home than outside.


The execution was very straightforward: we split the panel right down the middle, one half showed him when he is alone or inside his home and the other half when he is in public or outside. We used flat design which is Broomberg’s key visual language and also what we really love working with. We ideated the four scenarios through feedback and general discussion with the clients and after a quick sketch started at the final design.

Though it was just 4 panels of illustration we enjoyed character development. We can’t wait to do more!



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