Social Media: Numbers Vs Key Influencers

Aka Many Davids Vs a lonely Goliath

Football in India means following football that is not Indian. Out to bring the ‘India’ in ‘Indian Football’ is a company called ‘Anglian Football‘, an organization that promoting the sport with a very real pipeline of players that stretches from the North East all the way to Europe.


Many months ago, when I started work for Anglian, they asked me to shoot video on football and its players in Delhi. The video and editing it self was quite challenging, although I’d say that they have improved over the last 3 months. You can see their channel here and their facebook page here.


But what’s the point of video if no one watches it?
Usually I’d go into my ‘Key Influencer’ argument which goes like this: get someone with a lot of followers and clout (preferably, Klout), directly or indirectly, involved in your campaign. And like I’ve mentioned before, this works.


With Anglian we saw another trend. Key Influencers in Indian Football are fragmented. Often they aren’t (social) media savvy. Some of them are too tired to talk anyways. This isn’t new, this was factored in when we started our little videos. However, very soon, we saw that one video in particular started doing well. All it had was a very brief conversation with a group of boys that had been selected to represent Delhi State in the Santosh Trophy (a trophy for, you guessed it, football).


What started becoming obvious was that those very boys may have come back to the Anglian channel to see themselves onscreen. Post which, they would have shared those videos with their networks. All in all, this meant that views on that video started going up, much more than most of our other videos that concentrated on coaches and grounds. The video got nearly 500 views, which may not be much as such, but is a lot higher than most other Anglian videos and the general views on ‘grass root’ level football in India. 

All in all, having an interested audience, works just as well as having a key influencer. 
But there is one significant difference: With Key Influencers, as their fans find your content, the number of hits and visitors quickly goes up. But very soon, those fans move onto other content, and your numbers start crashing. With smaller but more eager audiences, the numbers take longer to increase. But that increase stays; it lasts longer. This is because this audience is more keen on your content, thus, they tend to come in slow, but stay longer, engage more with the content and even return as new content goes up.

What goes up slowly, doesnt really have to come down.
Goliaths (Key Influencers) are useful. But an army of Davids are more sustainable.  



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