Social Media Graphics for a Music Festival

Music’s been running in our blood, and we were really excited about the Sounds of Freedom festival, an event the focused on the freedom of creative expression via music. For us, it became a way of exploring our creative expression through graphics for social media. We found that it was a good opportunity for us to go out of the box and experiment with different of look and feels, styles and taste in order to create better looking graphics that would capture the spirit of the festival. In this process we used photo-manipulation, blended of flat-graphics with images and played a little with typography.  And all of this was used for graphics for posts, ads, covers images, instagram & twitter.

Where we got to use this approach the most was a series of ‘brand posts’, facebook centric posts that defined the inner ideas and concept behind SOF. Their purpose was to communicate what Sounds of Freedom was all about to its target audience, while also helping the brand create original and memorable content for itself.

Here are some of these brand posts. Each of these posts are based on a line, that looks at creative expression and music. You can see the entire collection on Sounds of Freedom’s Facebook page.

‘Sounds that can’t be labeled or confined’
Music lets you be free with your words and sounds and Sounds of Freedom gives you the liberty to express yourself through music. Keeping that in mind, we thought of birds leaving the enclosure (cage) made out of the microphone head giving the impression of thoughts being let free. You can see this image below.

‘Sounds that unlock your Creative Freedom’
The key to unlock your creative freedom is obviously ‘music’, so we tried blending a guitar with a key replacing the head of the instrument. You can see this image below.

‘Sounds that challenge the norm’
Challenging the norms, breaking the rules is what goes with music. And good music that speaks the truth always comes from inside like ‘Sina faad ke!’ . You can see this image below.


‘Sounds that gives a voice to the Unheard’
We came up with a simple graphics for this: the lips, which depicts voice and human face, coming out from the earpiece of a headphone facing each other. The headphones also represents BOSE, one of the sponsors for the event, who also ran a contest on social media.


‘Sounds that spill onto the streets’
The coolest idea we came up was to use the piano keys in place of zebra crossing, and for that we had to go with the image manipulation style, where we blended the piano keys onto the empty streets. It also works well with the line that they provided.


‘Sounds of resistance to Oppression’
This is a simple concept: we used an enclosure to represent oppression, in addition to it, the singing bird carries the meaning of freedom from oppression. This graphic wasn’t approved by the client. It was reworked and you can see that SOF’s facebook page.


‘Sounds of Community and Solidarity’
Music has always been a platform, bringing unity among individuals with a common interest. Here, we depict that with the help of graphics, where we used a clarinet hanging like a swing and birds gathering on it.


What did you think of our graphics? We would love to hear your thoughts!
Leave them in the comments section below.



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