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Broomberg is a startup that provides deep-cleaning services throughout Delhi-NCR.



When Broomberg approached us, the brand was in its nascent stage and wanted to position itself as a professional, punctual and reliable service in a sector that was dominated by cheap domestic help.

The first task at hand to position Broomberg was to establish deep cleaning services in a market that associates cleaning with labour instead of skill and expertise. Within this market, we wanted to position Broomberg as a trusted and premier cleaning service.


To do this we based our graphics around Broomberg’s cutting edge technology and presented it in opposition to the more antiquated and ineffective cleaning methods used by domestic help. We also showed how a domestic help’s approach to cleaning could not match the training given to Broomberg’s cleaners and the experience they provided to customers. We created a series of campaigns that helped eastabish what deep cleaning could acheieve and how Broomberg provided the best cleaning services in the city.

We now define our social media strategy with Broomberg through a mix of direct-sell campaigns as well as topical social media posts based on current events.

The content created for Broomberg is thus both action-oriented (calling on users to avail Broomberg’s services), as well as engagement oriented (calling on users to share the posts.)


Broomberg’s Facebook page and blog today acts a bank for cleaning hacks and guides.

The page has over 17,000 followers with some of their posts being shared over 3,000 times by online viewers and viral content sharing websites like The Logical Indian.



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