Social Media: Boosting Facebook

(Aka when life gives you lemons)

In my last post, I spoke about how you can use trending topic or significant event, a little creativity and twitter targeting to reach out to a whole new audience.


But what if there is no event or topic to bootstrap your numbers to?


This post looks at that.


When you don’t have a event or nothing significant is happening, it always makes sense to create one. Most brands, users and consultants tends to see the social media as a bunch of mediums, wires and devices that can be used to reach their marketing or number goals. ‘Social Media’ is social. It’s about people and their interactions; this could be conversations and sharing about their lives or about your brand. When there isn’t something to get people interacting about, it makes sense to create an event. Horror of horrors, it makes most sense to create a ‘social’ event in the most basic sense: getting people to physically meet each other in meatspace.
Last weekend, BlueAnt Digital held a tiny meatspace event called ‘Technology Do Mine’. I’m not going to delve into what the event was about, thats covered extensively in this blog. But while we were working on the event, we covered it relentlessly on Facebook. There were concept pictures, images from test runs, questions and blog posts. All of them were shamelessly posted on Facebook and sharing was encouraged. Like with the twitter example, we tapped into pages that were ‘key influencers’, in this case it was our venue Ziro’s Facebook page and Time Out Delhi’s listing on their page. Both of these pages had more ‘likes’ than ours and were connected to people we didnt know.
And this is what happened:
Screen Shot 2012-05-24 at 8.51.59 PM (1)
A page which had been silent for a long time suddenly spiked. The purple dots at the bottom show posts; you can see that after a lull, we started posting something almost everyday. And with endorsement and links from larger pages the ‘reach’ (blue line) and number of likes (green line) started climbing.


Just like twitter though, once the posts stopped, so did this spike. Unlike twitter, the spike sustained itself over a week, enough time for the brand to have made an impact on people seeing it.
Key learnings on Facebook:
  1. ‘Social Media’ is ‘Social’. Its about people. Get them talking!
  2. It’s useful to have a reason for posting things relentlessly. If you don’t have a valid reason, create one: make an event.
  3. Bootstrapping to larger pages for reaching out to a different target demographic is a good idea. Until of course, your page itself becomes a key influencer.
  4. Like twitter to convert a spike into a plateau, you have to make an effort on the network. Although this effort could be a little less than that on twitter.
Finally, like I said in my previous post, it’s not about just quality, it about talking and talking at the right times. Unlike twitter, on facebook you have a little more time. But it’s as crucial to make the most of it.
So, if life gives you lemons, call your friends and throw a party. Someone might get the tequila!




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