Are you on Snapchat?

Snapchat? What is Snapchat? Who uses Snapchat?

You have probably heard of Snapchat. If not, I am here to tell you what it is.

To figure out this inexplicable app, I have been fiddling around with it for the past few weeks. At first I didn’t understand the logic of a messenger app that is not primarily built for exchanging text messages (I am also accused for being the oldest person on Snapchat). Snapchat is immensely popular with teens and young adults for who Facebook and Twitter seems too tedious to use.

When you get your hands on Snapchat, the main screen opens with your camera view which may perplex you. Hold on, breathe, start fiddling around again and you will be able to make some sense of the app slowly.

Snapchat is an app that lets you send pictures, videos, emoticons, doodles and one-line text messages to your friends who also have installed Snapchat in their phones. The beauty of this app is the brevity of the exchanged information. Anything you send on Snapchat stays on the receiver’s phone for maximum 10 seconds. Though there is an option to replay something, Snapchat has limited the replay option to 1 replay in 24 hours. After which it self-destructs and doesn’t fill up your phone space with the sent photos or videos. In a recent update, the developers also integrated private chat in it, just like any other messenger service. With the slight change that the chats do not get saved and vanish forever once you have read them. All good for personal use!

How are brands using Snapchat to reach out to the audience?

Before getting into the marketing aspect of it, let’s first look at other capabilities of Snapchat.

1. Live
This feature is very useful to broadcast live events. For example, during the Oscars recently, thanks to the Snapchat Live, I felt like I was at the Dolby Theatre and be a part of the Oscar after-party as well. Sports, fashion weeks, tv shows, launch events, conferences, the Live option can explore endless possibilities for an organisation or a brand.

2. Stories
This feature lets people add pictures and videos chronologically and broadcast it to people within their list. The life of each photo/video is 24 hours hence a story needs to be updated everyday, allowing people to create and share new content constantly.

3. Discover
Media channels can create their own Snapchat channels with content optimized for the app. This feature allows Snapchatters (that’s what Snapchat users are called) to view videos, read articles, stories, editorials, gifs, pictures and wholesome content. For a big brand, setting up a Snapchat channel allows them to interact with their much younger audience.

A new network and a host of fresh content dissemination options, I feel Snapchat as a marketing platform with its untapped potential can be explored more for the Indian market. We ants are going to continue digging up marketing ideas using Snapchat. Nevertheless, that’s my experience. I would like to hear about yours. Until the next blog, keep snapping, keep chatting. Cheeky eh? Snapchat does that to you!



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