Skateboarding in Gurgaon with the GoPro

Our little technological wonder, the GoPro Hero 3 has become the object of everyone’s affection here at BlueAnt Digital. And after a series of videos shot with it, including a boxing video for our client Anglian Medal Hunt, we found that the space and scope for showcasing its maximum capacity is limitless. Thus came our next project: shooting a skateboarding video for PlayYourSport, a social platform for sports enthusiasts to interact and play with people sharing similar interests.

They recently organized an event at the Excelsior American School, Gurgaon for an introduction to one of the world’s coolest sports: Skateboarding. The video was fairly simple yet challenging. It started off with these pro-skateboarders from Free Motion Sk8 Park headed by Steve Weightman, scooting in as the kids watched in awe. They began with their free style tricks including Ollies, Kickflips and Jumps. As they continued skateboarding around and over the ramp, more and more kids started joining the stuntmen to learn the fascinating sport.

The GoPro’s unique characteristic is being a compact POV (Point-Of-View) camera, which captures motion easily over 50fps (frames per second). This allowed the skateboarders to skate around the hall with the GoPro strapped on to them while the audience cheered. Another challenge was getting just the correct angle while shooting, as the event was fast paced. Affixing and readjusting a viewfinder would have taken up a lot of shooting time. Yet, playing around with different angles and spots gave the video a variety of shots.

Editing, colour correction and composing the background music track were the final steps. And THERE (check it out below)! We had our first GoPro Skateboarding video complete. And yes, many, many more to come…



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  • headant

    May 14th 2014

    Hi Aashir We don't hold classes ourselves. Play Your Sport ( was holding these classes at Excelsior American School, but the school is under renovation right now. You can get in touch with Free Motion SK8 ( these guys may be organizing classes across Delhi. Thanks!

  • Gameraashir

    May 12th 2014

    Do you conduct classes too? I've been looking Everywhere for classes, if no, can you please do that? Or just some simple tutorials for the teens around Gurgaon interested in skateboarding, it would help lots. Thanks!

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