Video Shoot for Food Delivery App’s Diwali Campaign

Uber Eat's Diwali Campaign Video Shoot

Diwali is the most hectic albeit the most productive time for us. This year’s highlight was a video shoot we conducted for a popular food delivery app’s Diwali campaign.

We did six different shoots for the campaign. The concept of the shoot revolved around how food plays an integral role in all our celebrations. Our next step was to finalize which food items to use for embodying the spirit of Diwali. We did a market survey to analyse which sweets sold the most during the festive time and used them in the shoot.

We decided on using warm and soft lighting and bright colours to enhance the festive mood. To plug in human emotions and the concept of sharing we used hand gestures. We used props like poker chips, playing cards, golden diyas and marigold flowers, to complement the sweets in the frame.

The narratives revolved around the concept of food and sharing across diverse human equations. For one shot, we replicated the act of elders blessing the younger generation and handing sweets out to them. For another shot, we kept the mood breezy and flirtatious, showcasing a teasing chase between a couple.

We began our shoot shenanigans early in the morning. 7 AM to be precise. The immediate task at hand was to set up all our equipment.

We used the Canon EOS 5D Mark III DSLR to shoot all of the statics and videos. Our supplementary equipment included colourful background sheets, reflectors, scrims, mirrors, black cloth, and a boom tripod.

Post-production work included colour correction to remove reflections and match tonality of the videos. We also had to fix the time setting of the videos to match the pace of action to the emotions conveyed via the video.

The final results? That’s a story for another blog. Stay tuned for more deets on the shoot!



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