Shining on with Omega Bright Steel

Industrial videos are the kind of media that need to be done absolutely right. There are limited creative liberties one can take with them. Showing the entire manufacturing process sequentially was what I had to do with the Omega Bright Steel video.

Omega Bright Steel is the manufacturer of Bright Bar steel rods used in the automotive industry. Their website required some form of visual information about their processes, machinery and techniques. A short video was the way to go.

We received a great amount of footage from the client and our main objective was to turn it into a visually appealing story without disturbing the technicalities and nuances of the process. The bigger challenge was to select the right shots from the 26GB worth of video footage and bring it down to a 1 and a half-minute long video.

As usual we began with a soundtrack that was created in-house. The sounds that we chose were very western classical that had an orchestra feel. The grand piano and the drum sounds flowed as the entire video edit was synced with the melodic track.

All of the footage was shot with a handheld camera in their factory and most of it had macro frames, cutting them at just the right moment with the least amount of shake was essential. As I placed each shot over the timeline, I realized that this is not just a peppy music video where we cut beat to beat. The focus has to be on showing what is important in the visual; hence, we have longer shots of each process as the coils of steel turn into bright bars gradually. Slowly the video took shape after the colour corrections were done.

The video is now LIVE on the Omega website. It brings a softer impression to a gritty looking steel industry website. Play it with your headphones/speakers on.



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