Designs and Concepts That Got Rejected

Sometimes we plan for great things to happen but they don’t work out for some reason or the other. Just like how sometimes great designs and ideas don’t always impress people. Although, Conan O’Brien has rightly drawn a silver lining around this black cloud and said, “The beauty is that through disappointment you can gain clarity, and with clarity comes conviction and true originality”.

Here’s the first draft of things that we thoroughly enjoyed doing, and had full confidence in. The clients, however, not so much.

While working on the Choko la’s new campaign launch, one of the digital collaterals we made was a gif. Bright-coloured intermittent images of all things sweet flickered inside a summery sunglass. Expectation: “It’s so cool that makes me drool”. Reality: Doesn’t fit the brief. Scrapped.


For 24Seven, a round-the clock convenience store, we had designed a social media post for their 12th year anniversary. One of them included an image with typography, vivid colours and hints of neon splashed here and there. To us, they said “yay”, to them it said “meh”. Scrapped.


To promote the rebranded store launch for 24Seven, we also created designs for newspapers advertisements. If we’d have seen that in the newspaper, we’d have dropped into the store definitely. However, the idea went down the drain. Scrapped.


We also pitched to a well-known beer chain with collaterals that embodied the celebration of their fifth anniversary of operation in India. We proposed a game about exploring a beer island, and a parallax website complete with interactive designs, as well as 360° VR comics. Not cool enough maybe? Scrapped.


Throughout our projects, we’ve only learnt how to re-evaluate and re-adjust. Although we’d expected our clients to like what we’d produced, and we were a tad bit upset when these projects got scrapped, we soon realised that this disappointment was only evidence of how passionate we were about our work. And that is why we’ll continue to grow, and push out kickass creatives, hoping only to hear “Approved” in return.



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