Quizzing for Brand building on Twitter

This blog post is written by Archit Chandra, a fantasy fiction and anime buff, indie music fanatic  and BlueAnt Digital’s first ever intern. He is also a quizzing enthusiasts. Archit talks about a campaign in which he combined twitter with quizzing. 

I always wondered about how quizzing and social media would go together. After all, both are all about engagement.

While working on Anglian Football’s Twitter campaign, I decided to combine the two. With Arjun Jassal giving me the thumbs-up in the morning, I quickly transformed into an eager Dr. Frankenstein working on an experimental monster.
The plan was to post one question every hour from 12 Noon till 7 PM and declare a winner at the end of the day based on the number of correct answers and the time taken by them to answer the questions. With cool mugs from Shillong Lajong FC and FC Vestsjaelland, the prizes were good enough to make any football fanatic drool.

The first step was to build some online excitement for the event – creating the hashtag #AFQuiz, posting a picture of the prizes and promoting the event by frequent tweets. At the same time, I had to start creating questions for the quiz. Therein lay the challenge – the questions had to simple enough to for people to be able to crack them and tough enough to not be “sitters”. On top of that, they had to be framed with in Twitter’s 140-character limit in mind.

All the twitter activity was justified when the first correct answer came within three minutes of posting the first question. Mithun Augustine, who would later go on win the quiz, was the first to answer. Gurnam Jagota, Nikhil Sharma and the very aptly named MayaMemeSaab were close behind. Twitter interaction sky-rocketed because of the quiz, with folks from the far corners of the twitterverse actively retweeting us, mentioning us in their tweets and sending in numerous entries for the quiz. Within an hour’s time, #AFQuiz had become a hot trend in the football community on Twitter.

A lot of people started following us and every question was being answered as soon as it was posted. We were on Twitter’s equivalent of cloud nine! There were even more people who joined us a little late and a few, like Aniket Mishra, managed to answer all the questions correctly by the end, but missed out on the prize because of their times. As we neared the final question of the quiz, the tension started building up with people asking us about their chances of winning.

Finally, when we announced the results at 7:30 PM, a lot of drama unfolded with one tweet full of jubilation and a lot more with despair. The winner, Mithun Augustine, was ecstatic to hear that he had won and made a special request to get the mug signed by Eugeneson Lyngdoh, Football player from Shillong Lajong  (The mug is currently on its way to Shillong for this very purpose).

All-in-all, the quiz was very fruitful for us as it managed to increase Anglian Football’s Twitter traffic by a massive margin. More people now know about Anglian Football, the kind of work that they do and their interest in Indian football. And of course, it gave me the opportunity to write this post!



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