Creative Programming Project with Interactive Animations

Creative Programming with Interactive Animations

We recently tired our hands on some creative programming project wherein we designed interactive animations using programming.

For this project, we developed a few experiments to construct an immersive web experience for users, that can also be translated into our other web projects thereafter. The goal was to create visuals and animations with using the image or video formats.

To begin with, we looked for several references on the internet. We planned to do four examples which were conceptually based on four different ideas. This would allow the user to have a varied experience on the technology.

Initially, we began work on the Processing but then switched to ‘P5.js’, which is a Javascript library for Processing, to make it more accessible through the web.

In the first experiment, different particles come together to create a word. This word has a swatch of colours and can be changed by either clicking on it, or by manually typing from the keyboard.

The second experiment was the most hectic to design. It has a kite which waves in a windy weather. The wind can be modulated by voice using a mic. We tried to make sure that each time the kite is generated, the colors it picks are always harmonious to each other and further using blending techniques give it a pleasing look.

The third experiment is a simple animation that has an image of a rotating world. The letters of ‘BAD’ switch sides and colours while making a splash effect in the center.

For the fourth experiment, we decided to create a simple game reminiscent of the old time killers of the early 90s. Herein, a character can be moved around using arrow keys to flip the colors on board. The goal of the game was to change all the colors to a single color.

We had an amazing experience working on it. We learned a lot about how to creatively use a code in the development process and how to incorporate that into future projects.



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