Print Design for Broomberg

The print collateral story is a long one, so just ride along with it.

Broomberg is back! And they’re back with more work, namely, design for:

1. A brochure
2. A tissue box
3. Captain Berg‘s paper-cutout
4. Discount coupons
5. A feedback form
6. A membership letter

This is the same time period during which we were working on the Captain Berg’s character final look, which you can check out here.

Valiant started working on the paper cutout, Resonant on the tissue box and our two interns (Infants) were assigned the brochure, the membership  and the feedback form.

Most of the collateral were ready within 2 weeks of time.

Designing print collateral for broomberg 3

The infants sent their work. The tissue box and the paper toy were almost finalised by Broomberg by then but then there were changes on the brochure.

We discussed on a new approach and got back to work. It was an A3 sized paper brochure with three flaps, printed back and front.

Designing print collateral for broomberg 2 (2)

The new version of the brochure had fewer illustrations now and cleaner looking icons. The design was simple and good-looking. We sent it across and with some minor tweaks, and lo and behold – it got approved!

Designing print collateral for broomberg 1

The feedback form was approved after a first few edits, good job done by the infants there. The tissue box and the cut-out toy was also good to go.

Today, we have a Broomberg tissue box always on hand whenever any of us feels a sneeze coming on and our little Captain Berg cutout lives on our monitors fighting tirelessly keeping bad germs away!

To get your own Clean Living Superhero, you just have to give Broomberg a call!

Designing print collateral for broomberg



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