Midori Tea
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Midori is a brand of green tea which comes from Chota Tingrai Tea Estate in Dibrugarh, Assam. Midori imports, packages and sells both Indian and Japanese teas.


When Midori approached us the brand was still in its nascent stage with no brand identity in place. Primarily grown in Japan, Midori Green tea is packaged and retailed in India by a family that has been associated with tea-growing in Assam for generations.

We had to position Midori as a rare, high quality tea brand that has the potential to the first choice of a discerning audience.


To achieve the above challenge, we had to concentrate on the following:
Educate people about Japanese green tea (Matcha) in general and Midori in particular.
Find ways in which the brand could connect with a discerning audience with high disposable income.

Every component of the Midori package has been optimized to fulfil this purpose:
The Logo: The logo has been used to communicate the essence of the brand – the conglomeration of an Indian and a Japanese family with generations of experience in growing premium quality tea.
The Colours: The colours serve two fold functions. They reflect the rich green of the Matcha green tea. The bold, rich shades of gold, light and dark green were chosen as they communicate the sense of luxury that one would associate Midori with.
Content: The content while educating people about green tea, manages to strike an emotional cord by narrating the story of the brand’s origin.
Personalization: Through our research and experience of working with several tea brands, we knew people had a fascination for personal tea tins. Hence Midori’s packaging gives one the opportunity to sign their names onto the tins.


Midori has successfully positioned itself as a tea brand providing rare quality, authentic green tea. Midori tea is now available on Amazon India.
You can find it here.



  • 2016



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