Our First Video Shoot at Bangalore

Nanki Jassal is a graduate from Srishti School of Design and Technology with a specialization in video production. She has worked for ad agencies and production houses. She’s now BlueAnt Digital’s production manager in Bangalore. Two weeks ago, she did a video shoot for us in Bangalore which was a first for both, her and BlueAnt. She shares her experience in this blog post.

It is 5:30 on a Monday morning when we arrive at the Sports Authority of India Arena in Bangalore.

The city is slowly emerging from its slumber, gearing up for yet another week ahead. Dawn reveals an overcast sky, with dull grey clouds.

It is chilly, the air is crisp and the greenery on the outskirts of Bangalore is plush, we could have been in Ooty.

We walk towards the athletics tracks. The athletes are almost finishing with their warm ups for the day.

The coach introduces us to the athletes we’ll be interviewing and documenting for the shoot.
All of them belong to different parts of our country, speak varying languages, and have different cultures, but a fierce, common thread of ambitions and the glory of shiny gold medals binds them together.

We scout the location, trying to determine the best camera positions so as to capture the action to unfold. By the time we are done setting up our tripods, the athletes are almost done finishing their first laps around the track.

A few months ago, we had met some of the sprinters and race walkers at the AMHC office in Delhi, during their contract signing, they had seemed nervous then, unsure, but here on field they are completely different people. At ease on home turf, confident in their skins.

They laugh and joke with each other, sharing an easy camaraderie. They make their sport look so simple, so effortlessly smooth. Running up and down the length of the track, trying to keep up with them, we are soon out of breath and holding onto our knees trying to keep from falling over.

To conduct the interviews we sit on the track itself, a space they feel safe in. As an ice-breaking activity we start with some fun questions about their favorite movie actors, the movies they have seen lately, they are shy, giggling, thinking hard, a little nervous to be in front of a camera. However, the minute we get into the serious questions, about their goals, their past achievements, their training schedules and how much their family and friends go out of the way to help them, they answer with precision and pride.

They have set clear and definite goals for themselves, immediate ones and the final goal of winning at the next Olympics to make their families and India proud.



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