Our First ‘Ad’ Venture

A digital agency creating a print ad!

Now that’s something which you don’t hear everyday! After churning out numerous web creative graphic designs for our clients, I finally got to work on our very first A4 print ad.

We have recently developed for our client First City magazine an iPad app with our associated app development company VR d Mob. First City asked us to design a print ad promoting the app in the First City magazine’s May issue.

So just like most designers of the younger breed working in digital spaces, mainly focused on illustrations and image work for the web, this was a welcome change for me. This assignment got me closer to the bygone era of old-school advertising. Revisiting the fun of creating print artwork with minimalistic text and strong visuals was what made my Wednesday a well spent day at work. On a personal level, it is a matter of pride to see your work of art, your fruit of labor or your brainchild finally breathing a life of its own.

Now a few things about creating a print ad (not for people who are already familiar with the nuances but for those working in digital studios):

  1. Do not forget the importance of pre-production (creating rough mood boards) to save time and align your focus towards the final result, especially when there is scarcity of time.
  2. We all love Photoshop, yes we do. For its ease of use and the options of turning the world upside down, literally. It is however advisable, you import images edited in Photoshop to a software intended purely for designing like Illustrator, Corel Draw or InDesign to avoid loss of quality especially with bigger and bolder text.
  3. Do not forget to set the colour configuration to CMYK before starting work on your artwork.
  4. Check if it is a bleed or a non-bleed ad.
  5. It is advisable that once you are done designing your artwork, you take a rough coloured print to fix any glitches in colour or alignment etc. Because once printed, it is set in stone.
  6. Feel proud when you see your work published!

The concept was fairly simple and free of frills. Since Apple’s image policy prevents anyone to use their product photographs for promoting other related products, we thought the best way to showcase an iPad was by creating a vector silhouette. Coupled with Arjun’s techno-engineerio art direction (yes such a thing does exist), we made the text compact and overlaid it on the app screenshots. Behold! Our very first A4-size got approved in the first shot! Beaming with delight, I am happy that this creation now graces the inside back cover of the First City Magazine’s May 2013 issue.


A4 ad



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