Online Concerts: Music and Text

Aka you dont need a venue for a party

The past weeks have been manic. The number of blog posts itself is a testament to that.


Two weeks ago when the four of us were working on ‘Technology Do Mine‘, it struck us, that we were working with an intension to present, but we had no venue. After a few very panicked calls, I was introduced to Ashhar Farooqui, an electronic music artist based in Delhi (You can find his music here). I was in awe; I was told that in the Delhi circles, Ashhar is quite well known. I started preparing to be mowed down by questions on how the concept was immature and work, amateur. The meeting turned out to be the exact opposite, Ashhar and I had a great chat about working with technology, art and people, and how such initiatives could be carried forward in the city.


Then something else happened. He asked me to bring the concept of ‘Technology Do Mine‘ to a live gig! But there was a twist, the gig would be in a bed room, from where it would be ‘broadcast’ (or streamed) all over the web. I was sold on the concept of reaching out to the entire planet, with a few computers with stuff created at the moment. He introduced me to Vinny Bhagat, another Delhi based electronic music artist, and Ashhar’s collaborator on the net-live gigs that they do as Sin;drome (their facebook page is here), with a ‘venue’ at liveroom.


So the plan is as follows: Tonight at 6PM IST, Ashhar and Vinny will start making electronic music (Vinny emphasizes that it’s not something that he has premixed, but something he and Ashhar will create at the moment). Sowmya, Aazar, Rashmi and I, will react to the music via text. We’ll animate this text on Adobe After Effects in a manner that responds to the music we hear. The amalgamation, music and moving text, will be streamed across the web to anyone who cares to ‘tune’ in.


We’re all super excited and a bit nervous. Catch our stream and tell us what you think of it!
You can listen/watch us here:




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