Obsessing over Processing

Aka mashing music+motion+kinect

This entire Processing obsession started when I realized that it could be used to hack into the Kinect. And now I realize, that it can used to get into almost device that I can get my hands onto.

On Friday evening, I finally got my hands on the Xbox Kinect and its been quite a ride. For starters, I’ve realized that the Kinect can used with in Processing, via two libraries OpenKinect (easy to use but doesnt support anything too complicated) and Simple OpenNI (harder to use, with a lot of gesture support, but no direct functions for controlling the Kinect tilt motor).

But what’s even more fun, is using those to libraries with the Minim (sound detection library) I used in the last examples, in effect changing colors of the kinect’s point cloud according to the sounds in the environment.

Finally, when I started work on this, an old wired Xbox controller turned up in my room. I decided to use that to change the view/perspective of the almost 3D point cloud that the kinect uses to detect and display motion. This is done by using proControll library (and a little driver for the controller pad).

Like the previous examples, I imaging that this could also be used in a live music and motion environment (like a club or a lounge) creating another immersive media experience.

Now to find a venue to put this up and see people interacting with it!



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