The GoPro Hero 3 had been one of our most coveted and prized possession at BlueAnt Digital. After acquiring it, we felt like little kids, excited to get our hands on this brand new toy. We wanted to test it in a space where there could be freedom of movement hence allowing us to make the maximum use of this little piece of technological wonder. So Revant and I went to a park on a thankfully-not-to-so-hot March afternoon, which is just in the vicinity of our office. There were swings which allowed us to place the camera in all the funny angles while all we did was, GO CRAZY! Video and sound editing is my favourite part of my job and here we have our fun little final product. Watch it on YouTube on HD for maximum effect!



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  • tanya kashyap

    Jun 3rd 2013

    This is SOO good! Like Rachit said, you should do more on things like this. ;-) PS - You look so cute! Just like a kid!

  • Anika Verma

    May 22nd 2013

    Thank you Shobhit for your feedback! We have just begin, a lot more in store. Keep watching :)

  • Shobhit Pratap Singh

    May 22nd 2013

    A bit more length and one comic spike would have made it just perfect but still amazing work !

  • Anika Verma

    May 22nd 2013

    Thank you, keep the feedback and your views coming. Cheers!

  • Rachit

    May 22nd 2013

    Killer stuff. You guys should work on these things more. It's fun!

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