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Siddharth Sengupta is a 23 year old Delhi based comic book, animation and art enthusiast. His love for sketching and illustration got him in touch with BlueAnt Digital and voila, we found our graphic artist. He shares his experience at BlueAnt Digital with a quirky illustration and his own words below.

‘Oh Shit ! I have never been as active and busy before’, this was my sudden realisation while working on a design in BlueAnt. Hello! My name is Siddharth and I have joined BlueAnt as a Graphic Designer. I have to rewind a little to tell how I landed here. Before BlueAnt, I was working  in a company doing the wrong kind of job (not that I blame anybody, it just was wrong). Going to work everyday seemed a drag and I would often contemplate taking a U-turn while on my way to office. However, this ended when a friend of mine introduced me to BlueAnt Digital. I went through the company website and their Facebook presence and immediately took a liking towards their work.

It has been a week in this job and believe me when I tell you, I have no idea how the days have passed. I was an animation and design student and trust me I have learnt more about design in this one week through my job here than college. Now, the journey from home to work is no longer a drag and work was never so much fun. Being an illustrator and animator, I love experimenting with newer mediums and tools and my job here requires me to do that. I am now busy designing stuff and improvising, digging the internet and researching for newer mediums. I have now literally forgotten what the term ‘Vella’ means. My fellow ants here are all young and share the same restlessness as I do and with a headAnt who is a comic book buff with a comic book stash he can boast of,  you can imagine how pumped up an inspiring Comic artist like me would feel. I could go on but I am a busy person now, so to sum up in one line, I’d say ‘work doesn’t feel like work anymore’.




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