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Anika Verma is a 26-year old Delhi-based creative enthusiast, writer, designer, editor, social media junkie who became a part of BlueAnt from 22nd October, 2012. This is her experience of her first week at BlueAnt Digital.


Days and days of long interviews, incessant travelling, rejections, selections, HR rounds and the whole corporate recruitment hoopla. The only place where I finally felt home (work-wise of course) was BlueAnt Digital Intelligence. After understanding what this peculiarly named start-up firm was all about, I knew this was a home-run. I knew I HAD to work here! I knew I needed to have this very strong brand name right on my card.


Why? I asked myself! The answer was not singular. I like multiple-options and I did get multiple reasons. Those reasons equate to the varied fields of exposure I was about to get at BlueAnt. I have been grilled, laughed at, dismissed a lot for having being involved in so many different aspects of the creative field. But nevertheless I always carried a hope that somewhere, some company would acknowledge it and welcome me for it.


Now after joining BlueAnt, which is a young company with a young owner and which works with a young mindset, there is a sense of comfort, ease and a lot of fun in store. It has just been a few days here, but I see a lot of channels to experiment and build areas open to innovation. If I start jotting down my work responsibilities and possibilities at BlueAnt, the list will exceed my own grasp.


BlueAnt, as an agency, explores the farthest corners of the digital space for its clients like how a real ant would scout for a little sugar speck in a dark corner of a pantry-room. Mozel Tov to me, for I am a part of this Ant-hill now!


So here’s to a long inning at a place where lines between work, fun and life all blur. Here’s to a new adventure called BlueAnt.
– Anika Verma



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  • Anonymous

    Oct 26th 2012

    Good stuff!

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